HSY was founded in 2017, located in Fenggang District, Dongguan City, the manufacturing center of the Pearl River Delta, is a manufacturing enterprise committed to providing customers with high-quality products, mainly producing consumer 3C electronic products peripheral wire and MFM series wireless charging products. The company always adheres to excellent customer service and reliable product quality as the core competitiveness. Since its establishment, the company has developed and produced MFI/MFM and other series of electronic products for various brands, which have been promoted and sold to many countries around the world and won wide market recognition.

The engineering team now has a total of 10 people in structural engineering, electronic engineering, mold engineering, etc. The main person in charge has nearly 20 years of engineering research and development and production experience. At the same time, the company also introduces XFT ROHS scanners, quadratic measuring instruments, swing machines and other equipment to ensure high frequency and electrical stability of products from the engineering source. Own mold fixture production and processing equipment, dedicated personnel are responsible for mold development and production, and independent research and development of production fixtures in the processing process to ensure the stability of the production process. Committed to providing customers with quality service and stable and reliable products.

Finally, to serve our clients better, we established service centers in mainland China and Hong Kong.Contact us today to begin sourcing.